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Narrabeen Lagoon viewed from the west
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May 2022: (1735kb)
Forum: "Aboriginal Heritage of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment"; Recent proposal to develop housing in the catchment; inequitable situation regarding Aboriginal Land Councils; Wakehurst Parkway issues - wildlife fences, flooding, width

February 2022: (2868kb)
Forum: "The Pan Gnammas, Rock-gardens, Rainforests and Conifers of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment"; Northern Beaches Council Documents - available for comment; Feral Foxes; Native Water Birds

November 2021: (860kb)
Forum: "Fishing Bats and Water Rats (Rakali)"; Geological Names Board Proposal for renaming sites in Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment; Blue Plaques Program - nomination for plaques to honour George Caley and Daniel Moowattin; Grevillea Caleyii named after George Caley.

August 2021: (899kb)
Forum: "Environmental Studies in Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment"; Annual General Meeting of Friends of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment; Local Environment Plan; Floodproof plans for Wakehurst Parkway; Ingleside Place Strategy; Frenchs Forest Place Strategy; Membership fees

April 2021: (988kb)
Forum: "Aboriginal Art and Occupation Sites of the Northern Beaches"; Floodproof plans for Wakehurst Parkway; Explorative Walk; Ecoppaddle; Bush regeneration

January 2021: (748kb)
Forum: "Wonderful Wildlife near Narrabeen Lagoon"; Ecopaddle; Clean Up Australia via kayak; Walk and Weed; Bush regeneration

October 2020: (1606kb)
Forum: "Fantastic Flora of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment"; Good news about proposed land conservation; Walk and Weed events; Bush regeneration

August 2020: (671kb)
Annual General Meeting; Announcing 1yr free membership; Bush regeneration is able to be held but not other forums or outdoor activities due to Covid-19 restrictions.

April 2020: (1,077kb)
Reports from the Feb 24, 2020 "Secrets of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment" forum and the Feb 28th Nightime walk; Notice of future forum on "the Aboriginal heritage of Wheeler Creek Valley" on a date to be set after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted; Information about the planning processes being undertaken by Northern Beaches Council; Outdoor Activities - Cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

February 2020: (754kb)
Forum Feb 24, 2020 - "Secrets of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment: Discoveries so far in the 21st Century"; An Aboriginal Place declared; Advance notice of May 25 forum; Outdoor Activities - Night-time wildlife walk, bushwalking and bush regeneration

January 2020: (673kb)
Forum Feb 24, 2020 - "Secrets of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment: Discoveries so far in the 21st Century"; Night time Wildlife Walk; Bushland at risk from Development Proposal; Outdoor Activities - Kayaking, bushwalking and bush regeneration

September 2019: (566kb)
Forum Nov 25, 2019 - "Environmental Aspects of Mona Vale Road widening and the Northern Beaches Hospital roadworks upgrades"; Local Stategic Planning Statement - Towards 2040 - now on exhibition; Ecopaddle - Narrabeen Lagoon circumnavigation; Bush at Risk?

June 2019: (954kb)
Forum Aug 26, 2019 - "Future Planning for Northern Beaches"; Photos of Narrabeen Lagoon; Annual General Meeting; Open Space proposal for Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

January 2019: (289kb)
Forum Feb 25, 2019 - "Possums, Gliders and Mammal Surveys"; Narrabeen Lagoon Floodplain Risk Management Plan; Outdoor activities

November 2018: (295kb)
Forum Nov 26, 2018 - "Impacts of Transport in the Catchment"; Advance news - February 2019 Forum on Possums, Gliders and Fauna Surveys; Spotlighting Report, Outdoor activities

October 2018: (306kb)
Forum Nov 26, 2018 - "Impacts of Transport in the Catchment"; The joys of bushwalking, Outdoor activities

July 2018: (416kb)
Forum Aug 27, 2018 - "Creeks in the Catchment"; Winner of Allan Dawes' painting; Bush regeneration in Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment; Outdoor activities.

April 2018: (398kb)
Forum May 28, 2018 - "Local Aboriginal History"; Damage by Mountain Bikers; Aboriginal Signage Launch; Painting donated by Allan Dawes to be drawn in May; Outdoor activities

February 2018: (811kb)
Forum Feb 26, 2018 - "Protecting Powerful Owls"; Report from January Wildlife Walk; Outdoor activities;
Painting donated by Allan Dawes

December 2017: (1299kb)
Forum Feb 26, 2018 - "Protecting Powerful Owls"; Report from November Spotlight Walk; Outdoor activities; Apps for recording wildlife observations

October 2017: (1007kb)
Forum Nov 27 - "Ambhibians and Reptiles of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment";
Recent wildlife sightings; Outdoor activities including the new Wildlife Walks offered by Jayden Walsh

August 2017: (1124kb)
Forum Aug 28 - "Meet the Candidates"; Annual General Meeting; Advance notice for November 29 - Ecosystems of Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment; Award for Jenny Harris; Illegal land clearing; outdoor activities

May 2017: (915kb)
Forum May 29 - "Aboriginal caring for country"; Meet young Aboriginal people - Larissa Cooper and her team - who are doing bush regeneration in the catchment and caring for Aboriginal heritage sites; May closure for repairs of Narrabeen Lagoon walkway between Bilarong Reserve and Deep Creek.

February 2017: (2141kb)
Forum Feb 27 - Animals under threat; Celebration of Aboriginal Place Dedication for Moon Rock area; Ecopaddle; Clean Up Australia Day 

October 2016: (2129kb)
Forum Nov 28: Narrabeen Lagoon State Park and Crown Land issues; Narrabeen Spring Celebration photos; Cover your load; Bats and Coastal Lagoons; Outdoor Activities

July 2016: (1398kb)
Forum: Blackout Narrabeen - Building resilience; Narrabeen Spring Celebration; Narrabeen State Park.

May 2016: (874kb)
Forum: Aboriginal arts and crafts; Narrabeen Spring Celebration; Outdoor activities; Solar power - new battery technology.

February 2016: (843kb)
Forum: Live Animals and threatened species; Narrabeen Spring Festival; Trees at Risk; Clean Up Australia; Outdoor activities; Tramshed upgrade.

September 2015: (431kb) Our catchment - looking back, looking forward; Follow up from August workshop; Spring outdoor activities, Roadkill and Wildlife Seminar.

June 2015: (1290kb) Our catchment - positives and negatives; Photos from Aboriginal Activities night; Painting draw; Navigational markers for Narrabeen Lagoon; Pollution action; Winter outdoor activities; Litter in Deep Creek catchment.

April 2015: (1175kb) Aboriginal cultural night; Environmental grants; Newly elected local politicians; Progress towards Park; Narrabeen Lagoon Circuit walk open; Painting Draw scheduled for May.

February 2015: (999kb) Meet the Candidates Forum; Clean Up Australia, Wetlands Australia; Pollution in Lagoon; Lagoon Health; Sustainability event; Warringah Citizen of the Year; Lagoon Circuit walk opening date.

January 2015: (1734kb) Meet the Candidates Forum; Clean Up Australia, Multi-purpose Trail; Outdoor Activities; Date for Painting draw.

Grevillea caleyii
Grevillea caleyii Photo: Marg Woods

Aboriginal carving
Aboriginal carving

Male Mistletoebird
Male Mistletoebird: Photo Margaret Woods

Sugar Glider
Sugar Glider

Saitis virgatus
Saitis virgatus

squirrel glider
Squirrel Glider

Driverless car
Driverless car

MLALC sign
Sign erected by MLALC

August 24, 2015 workshop - marking up maps

Cutting the ribbon
Opening of Narrabeen Lagoon Circuit Walk
February 28,  2015

October 2014: (1435) Park Management Forum in November; World Parks Congress Field Trips; Berry Reserve Market Stall; Bushfire preparations; South Creek Bridge; New Secretary; Outdoor Activities; Clean Up Australia; Art donated for a prize.

September 2014: (1147kb) Forum - Narrabeen State Park and World Parks Congress; Your new committee; The next year for FoNLC; Caring for our catchment; Outdoor activities; Native bees

July 2014: (1033kb) Bugs and Beetles forum; Annual General Meeting; Unique catchment - new genus of cicada; Thank you Tony for 8 years of dynamic leadership; Catchment protection - where to now?; Free bushwalks and kayak tours; Your committee at work.

Rob Stokes, MP and Friends President, Tony Carr, chop up
 the no longer needed Narrabeen State Park campaign banner.

April 2014: (1369)
Narrabeen State Park is here!
Let's celebrate!

Photos of the State Park announcement; Guringai heritage forum; Planning Laws; Bridge fencing competed; Autumn activities; Unique catchment - ancient fossils at Beacon Hill.

December 2013: (1469kb) Dredging Forum; More hedging on dredging; Good thinking solves bridge issue; meeting with politicians; Narrabeen State Park; Summer activities

October 2013: (1363kb) Gai-mariagal National Park - how would this work? - Forum; Repairing mountain bike damage; Progress on Multi-purpose trail; Water Quality of Lagoon; Dredging Forum; Outdoor activities

August 2013: (8086kb) Pictures from the Past - Forum; Plans for the Future; Gai-mariagal National Park; Warringah LEP; Outdoor activities

April 2013: (8086kb) Secrets of Aboriginal past - Forum; Black Swans on the Lagoon; Proposed changes to NSW Planning Laws; Questions to Brad Hazzard,MP and his answers; Outdoor activities

Oct 2012: (1456kb) Narrabeen 2050 Forum; New committee; New walk around the Lagoon; Outdoor activities

Aug 2012: (373kb) Meet the Candidates Forum; AGM; State Park held up; Dredging update; A tale of two bridges; Wildlife in the catchment; Walkway from Dee Why to Narrabeen; Outdoor Activities

Images from May 25, 2015 - Aboriginal Activities night
Learning to weave
Bush Tucker
Learning about bush tucker

Narrabeen Lagoon seen from the west

Black Swans
Black Swans on Narrabeen Lagoon in April 2013
Photo: Michael Mannington, Pittwater Online News

May 2012: (1077kb) Aboriginal Heritage Forum; Dredging for information that is already available; Bridges for the walkway; Walkway weeds; Outdoor Activities

Feb 2012: (1776kb) Frogs and Fish February Forum; Narrabeen State Park progress; Walkway signage; Outdoor Activities

Jan 2012: (1254kb) "What's in the Water?" forum; February 2012; forum dates for 2012; Walkway progress; Oxford Falls saved from overdevelopment; Save the Styx goes blue; Friends Wish List for 2012; Summer Activities

Oct 2011: (325kb) "Support your Sport" forum; Fish forum February 2012: Walkway progress; Warringah LEP 2009; Bushland bulldozing; New committee; Spring Activities

Aug 2011: (1095kb) "Future of Lagoon & catchment" forum; Bush regeneration news:  Award for Narrabeen Lakes Primary School; Land and Environment Court ruling; Opportunity for recreational groups; Exploring tidal waters

Jun 2011: (892kb) "Future of Lagoon & catchment"; Walkway bridge; Land and Environment Court; Biodiversity surveys

Apr 2011: (2348kb) Aboriginal Heritage of Narrabeen area; promises from politicians; Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve Plan of Management;  Northern Beaches Exp; end of Part 3A; final stages of $1.9m grant

Mar 2011: (1194kb) Candidates' Challenge; developers encircle catchment;bush regeneration; dredging saga

Oct 2010: (436kb) State Park Rally; bush regeneration progress; pygmy possum; first sod turned on Lagoon walkway

Aug 2010: (585kb) Transport - past, present, future; new bush regeneration project; how safe are the ospreys?

Lasers on Narrabeen Lagoon

Sunrise over Narrabeen Lagoon

May 2010: (956kb) Threats from the Sea; Call for State Park; Mayor keeps promise on dredging

Feb 2010: (1652kb) Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment DVD, Can bush and bikes co-exist?, To dredge or not to dredge the lagoon, Land and Environment Court refusal for Red Hill proposal, Funding needed for continuation of major works

Oct 2009: (1456kb) Preparing for Bushfire - Name of Narrabeen Lagoon - Community input needed - Planning for continuation of major works.

Kayakers on Narrabeen Lagoon

Aug 2009: (2422kb pdf file) Sustainability Forum - major works program - committee in action

Jun 2009: (4724kb pdf file) Minister Keneally puts 10yr hold developments - $4m from Federal Government walkway

Apr 2009: (3281kb pdf file) Planning Issues Forum - Red Hill proposal - Ospreys - Oxford Falls Regional Crown Reserve

Feb 2009: (1653kb pdf file) Biodiversity forum - Sid Longish proposal - Mullet Creek - Koi Fish Farm

Nov-Dec 2008: (320kb pdf file) Forum 7 - Threats to Lagoon, Aboriginal Land Claim, Belrose Tip to be sold

Sept 2008: (284kb pdf file) Forum 6 - National Park for catchment?; Community festival, rare mollusc found.

Jul 2008: (324kb pdf file) Forum 5 - meet Warringah candidates, Catchment Wildlife Survey, Middle Creek Management Plan commissioned

Apr 2008: (2055kb pdf file) Forum 4 - project works report, local MPs get involved, Dept of Lands ignores minister

Osprey: Photo by Nevil Lazarus

Feb 2008: (226kb pdf file) Forum 3 - Crown Land issues, Plans of Managements -South Creek and Bilarong Reserve

Dec 2007: (203kb pdf file) Narrabeen Lagoon Restoration Project, Fence reduces road kill, Warringah Council LEP

Oct 2007: (205kb pdf file) Forum 2 - Outlines of Urban Sustainability Grant project,  Lagoon Walkway proposal

Aug 2007: (271kb pdf file) Activities program, Rob Stokes, MP, to speak at 2nd Anniversary, Metropolitan Strategy

May 2007: (159kb pdf file) Workshop on catchment issues, Oxford Falls Crown Reserve, Action to reduce Road Kill

Mar 2007: (212kb pdf file) Urban Sustainability Grant, Aboriginal community support, Lagoon History collection

Dec 2006: (117kb pdf file) Bike impacts - suggested reuse for Belrose Tip, Ingleside development, Road Kill research

Lagoon from the west
Narrabeen Lagoon seen from the West
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